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Pine Forest Trail 2

Take full advantage of the 4 seasons of outdoor adventure with a custom trail system designed with your vision in mind. 

Starting with a conversation and site survey, we develop a Trail Management Objective that outlines the needs of trail users and the environment through which the trail will travel.


From hand built, low impact trails to mechanized builds with a larger scope, we help to lay out the options and create a trail that suits your lifestyle, project vision, and budget.


We have built trail systems from one acre of forest on up to legacy trail systems traversing large acreages. 

Hiking, Biking, ATV, Ski, Snowshoe, Equestrian - Get outside and enjoy your land to it's fullest!

Trail Mower Brush Cutter 1

Have your once well traveled trails lost their way?

Over time trails can lose their way with deadfall, overhanging limbs, tall grasses, and quick growing saplings blocking your access. 


DB Trailblazers offers year-round trail and bush maintenance to keep your property at its best. 

Let us reclaim your overgrown trails from the wild so you can ride again.

"OMG I just walked to the back of the farm ... what a beautiful laneway. You guys outdid yourselves. I cried. Everything is incredible. I had no idea what you could do. You have given me a new lease on life and this lane was never like this" - L, Flesherton

ATV AT POND00013.jpg

We can help to carve out your favourite space. Whether it is that amazing view from the top of your hill or the riverside hang out spot you hike down to, we can help to turn that overgrown area into a unique and functional wild space for you to enjoy.


"Thank You so much for the great job you did for us. The pond looks stunning now that we can see it!"

The first step in reclaiming your trails is to book an on-site meeting to start your personalized trail plan.

We aim to provide service and quality, ensuring that respect for our clients and the land is always at the forefront of our work.

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